FPS Flex Day Procedures 2018-2019


Flex Days for professional development were designed to personalize professional learning for all certified employees. The use of flex days recognizes that each teacher has individual learning needs in order to support his/her professional growth plan (PGP). Fayetteville Public Schools wants to support those varied needs by offering a variety of options for teachers to meet his/her flex day responsibility. To view the FPS Flex Day Summer Catalog, please visit the link for FPS Flex Day options or the FPS website, staff resources, and Flex Day Request.

Approval Process for Flex Day

Teachers will complete a Google Form Flex Day Survey prior to check out with principals on Friday, May 24, 2018. All teachers will be required to complete the survey. Each building principal or direct supervisor must approve your Flex Day professional development prior to attending any training.

Approved FPS Flex Day options, including those at your school, will be available for registration on KALPA, our new Professional Learning Tracking system. During your individual school KALPA Training in May, you will have the opportunity to register for In-District Flex Day sessions. If you are attending something that is not in the KALPA catalog, please discuss approval with your building principal for approval.


How do I register for trainings provided by the district?

Log into KALPA, select the course you are wanting to attend, and register for the course.

How do I get credit for PD in KALPA?

IN-DISTRICT TRAINING credit for Flex Days will be given when attendance (sign-in sheet) is validated.

OTHER OUT of DISTRICT TRAINING will need to be entered into KALPA. This process will be explained during the KALPA Training.

What are FLEX Day options for our new teachers?

New hires receive FLEX Day credits for NEW teacher Orientations scheduled throughout the year that will meet the 12 hour Flex Day criteria.

When do I have to complete my FLEX Day request survey and submit to my principal for approval?

Approval to building principal must be completed by May 24, 2018.

If there is a registration fee paid by the district, can the activity count as Flex credit?

It depends on what funds are used to pay for the registration.

  • Federal funds cannot be used to meet any part of state or district professional development requirements (supplanting).
  • Also, it is not allowable to pay registration out of one fund and rooms out of federal funds, and count the event for Flex.
  • Principals or Directors will decide if Federal Funds will be used for trainings.
Title IX
Title IIAX
Title IIIX
Title VI BX
Reward MoneyX
Any Building FundX
Activity FundX
AP Incentive FundsX

What are other Flex Day Options?

  • Arkansas IDEAS Courses
  • Principal/District Approved NWA COOP Courses, (See above chart regarding Funding)
  • Specific Programs by invitation from Directors
  • Grade level/Department Collaboration (Approved by building principal)

Teams may work to analyze data and research best practice to plan instruction for upcoming year. An agenda must be provided to your building principal for prior approval.