Cow Paddy Run1

Last year was an amazing year for Butterfield in the Cow Paddy Run! With a tie too close to call, we were not sure our school would win with the most registered participants for the Cow Paddy Run. At the start of the of run, an announcement was made, and Butterfield had over 175 registered, winning by only 3 people to the previous year winners, Holcomb. 

After winning last year, I can’t help but to want to get our school community even more so involved. The schools who have the highest attendance are the ones that have all staff members involved. The school with the highest attendance will earn 25% of the proceeds, which is about $2,000. Being so close to Gulley Park, I really feel like we could have a great turnout from all grade levels and parents. Not to mention it is completely child friendly and encourages children to run as well as parents. 

This year’s run  will be March 17th at 5:30 PM at Gulley Park. There will be a 1 mile run and 5k. Please help promote Butterfield in another win by adding this to your weekly newsletter and sending out Remind text messages. Last year we were able to send students to the Botanical Gardens with our award money. How would you like to spend $2000 on student learning if we win again? J 

I for one will be at the Cow Paddy and am eager to represent Butterfield! Can’t wait to see you there!
Brittney Mohr
4th Grade
Butterfield Trail Elementary
Fayetteville, Arkansas